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RE: Annual Meeting Announcement

The Oswego Minor Hockey Association has announced plans to host the 2020-21 Annual meeting of the membership on Wednesday May 26th at 7:00PM at the McCrobie Civic Center.  On the agenda will be a review of the previous season, the distribution of annual awards including: The Jared Leduc Memorial Award and the Oswego Minor Hockey Scholarships .  Also at the Annual meeting a vote will be conducted to appoint new members to the Board of Directors.  
According to Article IV of the OMHA Constitution, members who have the right to vote for directors at the Annual Meeting include: parents / legal guardians who currently have a child in the OMHA program and are in good standing; current OMHA board-approved coaches; current OMHA based referees of level 2 or higher who are at least 18 years old; current and past OMHA board members.

Current Board Members with expiring terms are: Randy Pratt, Tom Roman, Adam Michalski, Ryan Baldwin.  This year is we will have four (4) board positions up for election.  The election process will take place during our annual meeting. Current candidates for board seats are Ryan Baldwin, Adam Michalski, Chris Sturick, and Tom Roman. If you are interested in running for a seat on the board please contact OMHA president Dan Bartlett prior to May 15th. Prospective Board members will be given time prior to the election to address those in attendance.


At the end of the annual meeting the votes will be tallied and new board members will be announced.


Also OMHA would like to announce our intentions to field competitive teams at the following levels during the next season. All tryouts for these teams are projected to be next fall right before the beginning of the 2021-2022 season.


Tier III

10u                                    Coach Dan Dorsey

12u State bound           Coach Dan Bartlett

14u Sate bound            Coach Dan Bartlett

18u State bound           Coach Jeff Schremp


Tier II Girls Teams

12u State Bound           Coaches Kevin Martin and Eric Nauman

14u State Bound           Coach Randy Pratt

16u State Bound           Coach Adam Michalski

19u State Bound           Coach Eric Koproski

RE: End of Season News

April 15, 2021


Hello all,

With the end of the season approaching there are a few items I would like to bring to attention of the membership at this time:

  1. The following teams have already qualified to represent Oswego at the upcoming State tournaments in next weekend.  Congratulations to all teams and good luck in Buffalo!
  • 12u Tier III team – coached by Dan Bartlett
  • 14u Tier III team – coached by Tom Roman
  • 16u Tier III split season team – coached by Jeff Schremp
  • 18u Tier III split season team – coached by Adam Michalski
  • Additionally, our 12u girls team qualified for last weekends, tier II state tournament but were unable to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  1. The following members of the OMHA Board of Directors have terms that are expiring.
  • Ryan Baldwin
  • Adam Michalski
  • Randy Pratt
  • Tom Roman

If you are interested in running for a seat on next year’s board of directors please email OMHA President Dan Bartlett at:  Elections will be held during the annual meeting on May 26th at 7pm at the McCrobie Civic Center. Members are elected to a 3 year term.

  1. OMHA is looking for travel team coaches for the following anticipated teams next season. Interested candidates should contact OMHA President Dan Bartlett via email at:


The OMHA Board of directors will interview and appoint coaches at these levels before the annual meeting:

10u travel or Snowbelt red (coaches discretion based on talent level)

12u tier III TB team

12u tier II Girls TB team

14u tier III TB team

14u tier II Girls TB team

16u tier II Girls TB team

18u tier III Split Season Team 


Please note that at the discretion of the OMHA Board of Directors, there may be additions or deletions from this list based on projected number of players at each level.

Candidates are asked to forward their interest to OMHA President Dan Bartlett no later than April 30, 2019.



The NYSAHA has decided that for this season their will be a new process concerning the release of players from their 20-21 teams. All players will be considered released from the previous seasons’ organization provided they have not been placed on a financial hold list which must be provided by OMHA to the NYSAHA board of directors. We currently have less than 4 people with outstanding fees due to OMHA so all other players are considered released after the conclusion of next weekends State Championships.

Oswego Minor Hockey Team Contacts for Game Scheduling (click link below)

COVID-19 Practice Guidelines and Protocols

To Our OMHA Hockey Community:


We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Summer. It is now time to start thinking about and preparing for another Oswego hockey season. Player Registration is open for the 2020-21 season. For Registration information, visit the OMHA website. 


As we return to the rink, our primary concern is for the health and well-being of our kids, coaches, families, and City of Oswego staff. The OMHAA Board of Directors along with the City of Oswego are taking all possible measures to protect everyone who enters the rinks. All COVID-19 related decisions are made, first and foremost, with the health and safety of our OMHA community in mind.


Below are updates on some general topics that are of interest to our OMHA families. We will continue to provide updates and information on these topics and more in the near future. 


Crissifulli Rink Opening (The Fort)

The City of Oswego plans on opening the rink for hockey activities on Monday, October 5th. Practices will start on Wednesday night.


Cullinan Rink Opening (Kingsford)

The City of Oswego usually opens Kingsford in mid-to late October as weather dictates.



Age Divisions

We plan on having the same age divisions as usual (Tykes, Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams, Midgets). This season will undoubtedly bring about some challenges, especially with the younger skaters, but we will do our best to maintain our existing division structure. 


On-Ice Activities

As of August 19, 2020, USA Hockey and the New York State Amateur Hockey Association have approved hockey activities to include organized and no/low-contact group training, which includes team practices and player clinics. This plan does not yet include scrimmages or games within NY State. However, recent information provided to us by the NYSAHA is that scrimmages and non-contact games are currently being discussed by the NYS Government.


House & Travel Teams/Meeting Dates

Team formation has been approved by USA Hockey and NYSAHA, so we can begin the team selection procedure immediately. We will have Travel Team tryouts soon after the fort opens on October 5th, and House/Snowbelt teams will be formed shortly thereafter. Travel Team tryout dates will be released after each level is able to participate in 2 “tune-up” skates. 


ICE RInk COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection while at the rink, the OMHA Board of Directors has developed the following protocols that will be strictly enforced by City of Oswego staff, OMHA Coaches, and the OMHA Board of Directors. We need to have our entire OMHA Hockey Community on-board with these policies and procedures to ensure that we do everything possible to keep everyone in our community safe.


Below is detailed information on what to expect as you return to the rinks, and what will be expected of you before, during and after entering the rink. 

·       Signage will be displayed at the entrance and throughout the Fort and Kingsford with information on social distancing, proper hygiene, and steps that can be taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

·       Everyone entering a rink must wear a mask, follow common health practices, and maintain 6-foot social distancing guidelines at all times. 

·       We will utilize 2 entrances at the Fort, (Main doors) and (Locker Room doors). For each practice session: 1 set of doors will be used for all players entering and exiting the building. The door your child will enter the building for practice will be indicated on the practice schedule.

·       Masks are required to be worn by everyone at all times inside the rink. Players may remove their masks only during practice sessions and must put them back on immediately after exiting the ice surface after practice. Coaches must wear masks at all times.

·       Players must arrive at the rink no sooner than 15 minutes prior to their ice time. Everyone must enter through the assigned door for your practice. Everyone entering the facility must fill answer health screening questions and have their temperature taken. Anyone who answers ‘Yes’ to any of the screening questions or whose temperature is 100 degrees or higher will be required to leave the facility.

·       Parent of minors must accompany the child to the door while temperature check and health screening are conducted.

·       Players must come to the rink dressed with equipment on. Skates, helmet and gloves may be put on at designated chairs located throughout the portion of the rink where they enter. For players that enter through the main doors they will put on skates and helmets in the lobby. For players entering through the locker room doors they will put on skates and helmets in the locker rooms. (All players will remain socially distant while putting on the remainder of their equipment for practice). Parents may assist children who are unable to tie their own skates or put the remainder of their equipment on by themselves. Goalies should arrive with as much equipment on as possible.

·       Arrows will be located on the floor in the rink to help direct traffic flow properly throughout the facility. X’s will be located throughout the facility to assist with proper social distancing.

·       After players are dressed they will then await a Coach’s instruction to enter the ice surface.  

·       After practice is over, players will proceed to the same area where they entered the building to take off their skates, gloves and helmet and leave the rink immediately after. All players & parents must depart rink no later than 10 minutes after leaving the ice. Once all players have exited the arena, the new group may begin to enter the opposite entrance and prepare for their practice. 

·       The group waiting to enter the ice must remain socially distanced and cannot gather together by the door to the ice surface. Coaches will be responsible for maintaining social distancing of their players and directing them onto the ice.

·       Snack bar will be closed.

·       Bathrooms in the lobby will be available and limited to 50% capacity. Parents may accompany children in the bathroom, if necessary.

·       Drinking fountains will not be available. Kids should bring their own water bottle marked with their name on it, which should not be shared with others.

·       Bleachers will closed, the only people allowed into the ice arena are players and coaches.

·       A maximum of 50 people, coaches included, are allowed on the ice during practice. The number of people allowed on the ice is subject to change.

·       The City of Oswego is currently working on an active disinfecting plan. Details of this plan will be provided as soon as they are communicated with the OMHA Board of Directors.


*OMHA parents will be responsible for conducting temperature checks and health screenings. There will be more information on this responsibility, including sign-up sheets, released in the near future.


COVID-19 Infection Scenario

If a member of our OMHA community or their immediate family becomes infected with COVID-19 at any time during the season, the infected person should be isolated and treated as necessary. Dan Bartlett, OMHA President, should be notified as soon as possible. The infection will be immediately reported to the local public health department and their recommendations will be followed.  We will communicate the infection within our OMHA community accordingly, while adhering to required privacy guidelines.


As always, please feel free to reach out to any OMHA Board Member at any time with questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. We are all here to help in any way possible. 


Thank you.


OMHA Board of Directors



OMHA Welcome Back Letter 2020-21

We’ve got a bunch of news for the 2020-2021 season…



Due to current NYS guidelines hockey can begin under the following circumstances:

  • Rinks are at 50% capacity.
  • Players are kept socially distant as much as possible.
  • Ice sessions are to be skill based with limited contact between players. Competitive scrimmages and games are to be avoided at this time.
  • However a recent release from the NYSAHA Board of Directors has indicated that they are very hopeful that scrimmages and non-contact (no checking) hockey will be allowed in the very near future as they are working with the NYS government on guidance for these activities.


These rules are in place for all organizations in NYS at this time, the OMHA board has decided to open registration and proceed in a skills-based fashion until competitive play is allowed. Many organizations are allowing kids to hit the ice and get ready for the coming season. As players register and we get a sense of the number of players we have at each level, the OMHA Board will develop a plan for each level to get the appropriate ice touches in the safest manner possible. This may or may not include splitting into teams depending on numbers. When the governor allows competitive play we will proceed in the normal fashion of having snowbelt and travel teams where appropriate.



Registration will be open by today 9/18 via the OMHA Website:  After registering your child for USA Hockey visit and follow the registration tab and directions to register your child for this upcoming hockey season: The following will be the cut off dates for registration this season.


  • Squirts through Midgets cutoff is September 29th.
  • Mite cutoff date is October 9th.
  • There is no formal cutoff date for the tyke “learn to skate program” however, children will not be allowed to step on the ice without being a registered participant also only children in the 2016 birth year and older will be allowed to register for Tykes. If you have a child younger than the 2016 birth year OMHA will consider allowing your child to participate as long as you become a certified coach and attend each session on the ice with your child. The learn to skate program will not begin until November.


Midget Registration:

  • The OMHA board remains committed to building the appropriate number of teams at each level based on the registration levels of the players.
  • We are projecting having a 16u split season team, 18u split season team, and possibly a full season snowbelt team depending on numbers…
  • The split season teams will have tryouts early in the season by the head coaches.
  • Again this year we will decide on the number of teams after the players have registered for the season.
  • If we do not get enough players to safely field multiple teams the first 20 players registered will be provided with a spot on our initial team.
  • Once we register enough players to safely spilt the teams into 2, another team will be added.  


Start Dates:

  • We will be hoping to hit the ice the week of October 5th . Except for Mites who will start the week of October 19th and Learn to skate that will start in November. Most levels will have the opportunity for some tune-up practices before evaluations are conducted.


Coaches Needed:

If you are interested in coaching at any level of OMHA for the coming season please email Dan Bartlett at immediately.


We anticipate needing:

  • As many tyke and mite coaches as we can get.
  • As many Squirt coaches as we can get (levels depending on player ability).
  • At least one Pee Wee house coach.
  • At least one Bantam house coach.
  • At least one Midget house.


Travel Team Head Coaches:

for the 2020– 2021 season have been announced they are as follows:

Squirt Travel          TBA (Although this team will be registered as a snowbelt team)

PeeWee Travel       Dan Bartlett

Bantam Travel        Tom Roman

Girls 12u               Phil Cady

Girls 14u               Randy Pratt and Ben Miller

Girls 16u               Eric Koproski



Please go to Jersey link on our registration page regarding the ordering of a jersey if needed. This pertains to anyone needing a replacement from last year or all first year squirts.



In addition to those that serve on the board many thanks go out each and every year to those who selflessly step forward in support this organization there are definitely too many to name. The time and effort all of you put fourth in support of this organization is greatly appreciated.

This organization exists and continues to thrive based on all your support.

This year, as is the case every year, there will be many opportunities for everyone to step up in support of the players, coaches, and the program. Either working the concession stand, being a member of a committee, or working a tournament I would like to encourage all of you to continue support the kids by helping in any way you can.

As always we would like to thank our sponsors and encourage our membership to continue to support our sponsors and the community by patronizing their businesses. You can find our sponsors listed on our website and on the banners and dasherboards at the rinks.

I would like to wish all of you the very best for this upcoming season. With the hope that this will be another fun, exciting, and fulfilling season for our children.

Please check the website often now and throughout the season for news, schedules and event information.

COVID-19 Protocols:


Further information regarding new protocols around the rinks will be provided prior to the first week of the season. These protocols will include a safety plan for our players and coaches so that they will be able to participate in hockey in a safe manner. Protocols will strictly follow NYSAHA and NYS guidelines for ice hockey.




Dan Bartlett

OMHA President


Hockey Update August 18, 2020

Hello All,


OMHA has been getting a lot of "What is happening with hockey this season?" questions. Generally, it is around this time that Registration for the 2020-2021 season opens. However, due to Covid-19 we are still unsure of exactly what our season plans may look like.  USA Hockey, NYSAHA, and New York State Government continue to have dialogue as to how they would like teams to proceed with the upcoming season.  The NYSAHA annual meeting will be held August 29th in Albany and I’m hopeful that some clarification and guidance will be provided for affiliate organizations at that time.

You may be noticing that many rinks across our nation are opening up and players are hitting the ice.  In NYS there is strict guidance as to how this can occur and no games or scrimmages of any type are currently allowed.

The OMHA Board of Directors remains committed to providing an opportunity for OMHA players to participate in the upcoming season and we will work with the City of Oswego on developing a safe plan for our players and coaches. At this current time, we do not have specific details, other than we plan to have a hockey season starting Mid-October. We know that everyone wants answers and specific plans, unfortunately we need to wait on those same details from USA Hockey, NYSAHA and New York state.  We encourage you to watch the video below (a brief presentation by Joe Baudo, President of New York State Hockey Associations concerning the most recent status of hockey in NYS).


Rest assured, that once we have been given the green light from NYSAHA and our local government we will have hockey in Oswego.  Some local organizations have started the registration process. The OMHA Board of Directors has decided to wait for guidance and a plan for the season before we allow OMHA families to register.  By waiting for guidance and a plan we are allowing families to know exactly what the season will look like before collecting any funds.  Please be mindful that every organization in NYS has to follow the same protocols. So even though some organizations are allowing for registration it does not mean they have a plan for the upcoming season, because nobody knows what the season will look like at this point.


Please feel free to message me any questions or thoughts pertaining to this matter.




Daniel Bartlett

OMHA President

Update from OMHA: June 4, 2020

Hello all,


I have been receiving many inquiries regarding Oswego Minor Hockey for the 2020-21 Season. As a result, I will try and share some insight into our current status and projected plans.

All youth sports are currently considered Phase 4 activities by the NYS Government.  Here in Oswego we are currently operating in a Phase 2 status. Materials I have been made aware of indicate that the earliest we will advance to Phase 4 should be by the beginning of July.

With that being said there are some things currently happening in the NYS hockey world that are causing some people anxiety over where their child might play next season.  Many organizations over the past few years have conducted spring tryouts for their travel teams (We have done this ourselves on occasion at some levels). When teams are picked in the spring it affords organizations and teams time to plan ahead as a group and in some cases get together and work out in the pre-season phase of hockey. Due to Covid-19 and current restrictions, no tryouts are allowed to be held at this time.

In Oswego, this has little to no effect on the make ups of our teams because our intent is to move to a late September or early October tryout process for our Tournament Bound teams. (Keep in mind this is how things were done in Oswego for decades!) However, many other organizations are feeling the need to have their teams picked now, so as a result NYS Hockey is allowing organizations to sign players to commitment contracts for next season in lieu of having a tryout.  OMHA is not currently entertaining signing players to contracts for next season.  With that being said, if you are approached about signing a contract for your child to play for another organization here are some things you should know (and please bear in mind these are NYS Hockey rules not OMHA rules).

1) Once you sign you are committed to that team for next season (you will not be able to come back to Oswego if you are not satisfied with your experience).

 2) If you sign there are no tryouts for your child, they are not allowed to be cut once they sign a contract. (even if tryouts are held at a later date for that team, your child by signing a contract is obligated to play on that team).

Again, the contract issue is currently not applicable to OMHA players unless you are interested in playing for an organization that is deciding to sign players. The early signing period for players is June 1-June 10th (for players 14u and above) and June 11th – June 30th for younger players. If you are approached by another local organization about signing a contract for your child, I would advise you to ask lots of questions about what you are signing up for. 

At this point in time, nobody knows what next hockey season will look like. Hopefully, the OMHA family can slightly adjust our yearly business and hold regular tryouts at the beginning of next season. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to send me an email or call.



Dan Bartlett

OMHA President


Coaching Appointments for 2020-2021 Season

Here are the coaching appointments for the 2020-2021 Season:

10u Boys- TBD evaluations are held next Fall, team make up and sizes to be determined based on registration of players. 

12u Boys tier III TB- Dan Bartlett

14u Boys tier III TB- Tom Roman

16u Boys tier III TB- Jeff Schremp HC/ Tom Roman/ Ben Miller

18u Boys tier III TB - Adam Michalski

12u Girls tier II TB- Phil Cady HC/Greg Sharkey

14u Girls tier II TB- Randy Pratt HC/ Ben Miller/ Adam Michalski

16u/19u Girls tier II TB- Eric Koproski

Tryouts for each of the Tournament bound teams are projected to be this spring and will follow the NYSAHA guidelines. Tryouts will be posted at a later date.


About | Oswego Minor Hockey Association

Since 1964, the Oswego Minor Hockey Association Inc. (OMHA) has been providing area youth with the opportunity to learn to skate and play the game of ice hockey.

The mission of the OMHA includes promoting good sportsmanship, respect, discipline, self-esteem and fun at all levels - while enhancing skills to accommodate the full spectrum of player ability. Through the generous sponsorship of numerous local businesses, as well as a variety of successful fundraisers and an expanding equipment-lending program - the association works hard to support participation from boys and girls of all economic backgrounds.

The OMHA is a member organization of the New York State Amateur Hockey Association (NYSAHA), which is a recognized affiliate of USA Hockey – the national governing body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States. The OMHA is considered to be a “Tier III” (also known as “C” level) organization. This status is granted by the NYSAHA in recognition of the association’s size and general competitive success.

The OMHA is incorporated in the state of New York and maintains an official mailing address of:

Oswego Minor Hockey Association
P.O. Box 5525 ,
Oswego, NY 13126

The association maintains its status as a not-for-profit organization in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code.

Located on the scenic shores of Lake Ontario in Central New York, Oswego is a compact city with a long tradition of quality hockey. With three ice rinks located within two miles of the downtown area, Oswego is home to the SUNY Oswego Lakers Men's and Women's Hockey teams, the Oswego City High School Boys' and Girls' Varsity Hockey teams, and the Oswego Minor Hockey Association.


Oswego Rink locations:

Crisafulli Memorial Skating Rink at Fort Ontario 
East 9th St. & East Van Buren Street 
Oswego, NY 13126 

Cullinan Skating Rink 
West 3rd St. & Varick St. 
Oswego, NY 13126 
SUNY Oswego Campus Center Arena 
Washington St. & Centennial Dr. 
Oswego, NY 13126