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Registration Information

Read Before Registering Your Player!

Registering with USA Hockey:

When you register with USA Hockey, use your players name on their birth certificate and use their  birthdate , not yours.  Example: Jonathan William Jones III (Do not register as Jon Bill Jones.  This will cause issues for age verification)

This goes for coaches and volunteers as well


Registering with Oswego Minor Hockey

Registering for Tournament Bound Teams-If you are playing for one of the following Tournament Bound Teams:

Girls 19U Tier II Split Season

Girls 14U Tier II

Boys 18U Tier III Split Season

Boys 16U Tier III Split Season

Boys 14U Tier III

Boys 12U Tier III

You must select the Tournament Bound Team Fee along with your team selection.  No exceptions.


Team registration- If you are playing for a girls team register for that girls team.  If you are playing for the boys team register for that boys team.  There are options for both.

Email for your Account- Use an email you check often as information (payments, schedules, etc) will be sent to this email 


Age Levels (Divisions) -- Birth Years

Youth Teams                               Girls Teams

18U (Midget) -- 2006-2009                          19U --2005-2009

16U (Midget) -- 2008-2009                           16U --2008-2009

14U (Bantam) -- 2010-2011                          14U -- 2010-2011

12U (Peewee) -- 2012-2013                          12U -- 2012-2013

10U (Squirts) -- 2014-2015                            10U -- 2014-2015

8U (Mites) -- 2016-2017                                   8U -- 2016-2017

6U (Mites) -- 2018-2019                                   6u -- 2018-2019

Learn to Skate (Tykes) -- New skaters

Step 1:  Go to USA Hockey Registration and register to get the 2024-2025 USA Hockey Number:  Click on the link   USA Hockey Member Registration

You will need this number to register with OMHA

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to register
Click here to Register

There are two payment options.

1.) Pay in full at time of registration

2.)Due at time of registration is $100.  Then four equal payment as follows (first payment (25%) due on September 1, 2024, Second payment (25%) due on October 1, 2024,  Third payment (25%) due November 1, 2024, and Fourth payment (25%) due December 1, 2024)

There is a 10% sibling discount for families that have 3 or more participants that will be applied by November 1, 2024.  This used to get applied automatically, but since an upgrade in the system I have to apply it manually. 

All payments will be taken automatically!

Any credits a person has will be refunded to the credit card you set this up for after the accounts are paid in full. 


- All coaches and on ice helpers need to register with USA Hockey or you will not be allowed on the ice period.  

All coaches need to complete modules, certification, safesport, and screening before they are put on a roster.  Once I get your USA hockey number I will be in conact with what you need to complete.  

Please use this google docs link to input your USA Hockey Numbers. 

Google Docs Sheet For Coaching USA Hockey Number 

All you need to do is fill in First name, Last Name, and USA Hockey Number, and a valid email for contacting and it will save on its own


Registration Fees

18U (Midget) -- 2006 - 2009 -- $520.00 

18U (Midget) Split Season -- 2006-2009 -- $300.00

16U (Midget) Split Season -- 2008-2009 -- $300.00

14U (Bantam) –2010 - 2011 -- $500.00 

12U (Pee Wee) -- 2012 - 2013 -- $480.00

10U (Squirt) -- 2014 -2015 -- $460.00

Girls 19U (Full Season) -- 2005 - 2009 -- $520.00

Girls 16U (Full Season) -- 2008-2009 -- $520.00

Girls 19U Split Season -- 2005-2009 -- $300.00

Girls 16U Split Season -- 2005-2009 -- $300.00

Girls 14U -- 2010-2011 -- $500.00 

 Girls 12U -- 2012 -2013 -- $480.00

Girls 10U -- 2014-2015 -- $460.00  

8U (Mites) -- 2016-2017 -- $340.00 (Players will be divided into their appropriate team (A, B, or C) after evaluation)

Learn to Skate (Tyke) --2016 & younger -- $90.00 

Learn to Skate (Tyke) -- 2016 & younger -- $45.00 After Jan. 1, 2025

JERSEY information

Here is the link to order Oswego game jerseys:

All first year squirts will need to order jerseys.

Any other returning OMHA players whose jerseys need to be replaced due to sizing, or wear and tear, are also encouraged to order a new set of jerseys.

Cost is $125 for a set of home and away jerseys.  $135 for goalie cut.